Spiritual Contentment

Contentment is defined by Webster Dictionary as the state of being content; satisfied;

I long for that spiritually… that being contentment. I long for a closer walk with God so when he speaks there is no question that it is his voice speaking to me and I listen. I desire to have the strength to lay my burdens and his feet and faith to know he will take care of it. All of the worrying, sadness, questions and concern, I want to go away. Contentment is my goal and I want to be able to achieve that goal.

Somewhere along the way, I lost focus and began to concentrate on my wants versus my needs. Not realizing that all along God has blessed me with everything I needed to take care of me and my child. This is where I pray for a better understanding and clarity to hear his voice.

Are you seeking spiritual contentment? Do you desire to have stronger faith in yourself, your abilities and God’s power?


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful