My Hero

Heros are not always armed in a coat of armor, or equipped with a weapon, and they don’t always appear with a hanging halo over their heads …. heros aren’t always obvious to the naked eye but instead they walk amongst us silently. Some are called secret angels or santas if you will, however real heros exist 365 days a year not just seasonally.

I have a hero but she doesn’t know who she is, she genuine and her bravery shines brighter than any star in the darkest sky when she doesn’t even try. She isn’t tall, burly and strong but instead a tiny, little woman that carries much on her shoulders as if she were the biggest person on earth.

When God crossed our paths some years ago, I didn’t know her story and she did not know mine. I never imagined she would be my earth angel and kindred spirit that would eventually call dear friend.

Life has thrown her many curve balls but none quite like the one she currently battles.  This battle’s name is cancer. Heroically she has batted every throw with all her power,  but this particular came at her like an ice shower.

And eventhough she is fighting this battle, she sees the good even when things look dim, she places humor where there is pain, anger and dismay. She is my angel, my kindred spirt, my friend, my hero and I call her Pat.


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful