All you have to do is praise him…


“In the middle” of it all you have to do is praise by Isaac Carree… what an awesome song. Often, overwhelmed by the number of responsibilities, trials and tribulations set before me, its songs like this that remind me that all I have to do is praise him and whatever it is will pass ….

If you’ve been watching the Atlanta, Ga news, we had some very severe weather, which isn’t the norm in the south, so we were a little ill-prepared. Basically, we had a major shutdown as a result. The roads were snowed over, companies, schools ..closed! Shut down… And while this happens everywhere, its very different when it happens here in Georgia because its so rare.

First issue is a a biggun’, my employer was open and operating but, my daughters daycare was closed, tight (issue number one). When you don’t have a support system near its times like today that make things seem impossible, but you know what I made a way out of no way. I didn’t have to take a vacation day to stay home with my child because I was blessed with a job that afforded me an option to work from home….. what a blessing because last year this time that was a different case. And while I had the opportunity to work from home, imagine how creative I had to be with a high energy 2-yr old in an apartment (laughs) diving off sofas, ottomans, climbing up bar stools, writing on her hands and me too, crawling in my lap, sticking something gummy on my arm, refusing lunch but begging for cookies and fruit roll ups, and running off of fumes with no nap. Yes, its funny but it wasn’t about 9 hours ago….

Second and third issues surround family and I will leave that at enough said. I was tested quite a bit today spiritually, emotionally, personally and professionally, nevertheless it was allllll good! I am blessed and highly favored… I say it repeatedly and confidently…. and hope that you remember God favors and loves you and I do too!

Be blessed…


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful


In the midst of sadness, I rejoice!

Good afternoon!

My day started out a little bumpy and teary and it had nothing to do with the fact that today is Monday (smiles). It was just one of those days, you know when you seem to be more human than others and your day seems to be filled with obstacles, speed bumps, etc.

This morning, I needed a hug and words of encouragement! As the day progressed, a few of my co-workers stopped by and unwittingly made me laugh and smile in between the busy spurts of the day. It is sooooooo … comical how sometimes we fail to realize how important God is to us and our lives; often people are strategically placed in our lives at certain times for specific reasons like reminding us that God is “Real” and always there when we call. 

Sometimes I remind and challenge family, friends and followers (Blog) to acknowledge God and his power but, I tend to forget myself and must be reminded that he is powerful and through him all things are possible. This morning, I needed to be encouraged and ironically (and right on time) I was and reminded and with “extreme” clarity and I thank God for his tools of love and grace!

Have you rejoiced and thanked God for his everlasting love and grace today?

In closing, I leave you with Philippians 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice”.



Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful

They say…


They Say (published in 2011 in Heaven Rain on me ….)

They say your eyes are the doorway to your soul,
But not my eyes,
They say a smile says a thousand words,
But what does my frown say,
I say,
I am filled with pain,
I say,
No one will love me because,
I am unlovable,
I say,
My opinion of myself is negative and pessimistic to say the least,
They ask why don’t you smile,
I ask what reason is there to smile,
They say because you woke up this morning,
I think to myself I wish I had not,
They say … but you did,
And I smile…

By: Sonya McKinzie

I’ve grown from feeling down and out in 2010 to embracing myself and loving myself and who I am today (2014)


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful

An Ode to My Grandma: Bessie Lee

Red Rose

Yesterday I sat on the telephone line ranting about my day with my mama as I often do

For a short time, she was silent on the other end of the line

Which is quite a rarity

After the brief pause,

She reminded me,

It was the 23rd day of January

The day my grandmama, Bessie Lee was born

It was her 95th birthday

She said “I miss my mama”

And I said “I know you do”

Unfortunately, no other words of comfort could come to me

I could never imagine my life without her, my mommy

So I pay ode to her

Ode to Grandma Bessie

Her eyes were deep and mysterious brown

A woman filled with faith, joy and religion

Mama and I often compare my sweet baby pea

To her Great Grandma Bessie Lee

Eye mysteriously dark brown

A beautiful smile that lightens up any cloudy day, sweet pea

An old soul in the body of a 2 ½ year old

Yes, a duplication of Bessie Lee

 Ode to Bessie Lee

You departed the earth seems like decades ago

The reason for the timing only God knows

Your love remains in me

Ode to my Grandma Bessie Lee

 Heaven has an angel

Far fairer than any other

Without a disguise

My teardrops fall against a red rose’s petals

A compliment to my Ode to you


Sonya (your grandbaby) 

The 3 C’s in life: My Kickstarter Project


I would like to share one of my upcoming intiatives with you.
I have decided to release my second book “When a black woman cries…” and in doing so, I have opted to use Kickstarter as tool to assist with obtaining financial and emotional backing for the project. The funds will be used for editing, publishing and book signing events for marketing and promotions.

My first book was done solely by me and lacked a lot of things that would have made the book a success, however it was humble and all me. Success doesn’t always mean but touching, sharing, connecting with others emotionally, spiritually and artistically.

This time, I want to make some changes and improvements with the support of family, friends and backers. I hope to accomplish my goal of $5725.00 which is the difference in funds between my personal investments. I will be using my blog as tool to keep everyone posted in addition to social media.

This is my choice, my chance for change!

Be blessed..



Imperfection: Inspiring Others

#perfect #inspire #imperfection

It’s funny how people do not realize how big of an influence they can make on someone’s life simply by sharing. Today, a childhood friend shared with me that one of my poems made a difference to her child’s life. How humbly flattered was I and I took that as a sign from God that he put me here to help others no matter how large or small (further confirmation of my divine purpose).

We were all placed here for a purpose and\or reason and with that said God gave us all a gift to use toward improving the universe.

I love sharing and exchanging knowledge with others, its amazing when you learn from others and they learn from you. Exposing self to vulnerability is no crime, it is beautiful, unique and personal to each and every one of us.

I try to encourage others to share as it brings on growth, change and healing.

I say, do an inventory check and dispose of the junk that is claasified as unnecessary weight, baggage. It is often hard for us to see our imperfections and work on improving them. You know why? Because revealing your imperfections and exposing them for the world to see means you are admitting you have flaws. And guess what? Flaws are beautiful because they connect and link you to your “humanity”. We are NOT God and that is right, there is nothing wrong about being imperfect.

When we reach a place in our lives where we are able to see our imperfections with clarity and acceptance that is when we are able to understand and see we are growing.

Encourage someone today, check your inventory and move towards making a change…


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful