Let’s Design — an invitation to a black woman’s intimate thoughts

Walk In Your Purpose

Let’s Design
By:  Darkskinisbeautiful

Let me design an entrance to paradise for you
An entrance way that takes you down hills
Over mountains
Between valleys
Beyond a red sea
Closing in the space between you and me

Let me custom design a part for you to play
You are designed

Perfectly designed in my mind
In your role, you are my love interest
There is no interest from the start
By the end of scene #3 we are all entwined
United and bound
Body to body
Soul to soul
Drifting through deep blue waters
Rushing down the edge of waterfalls and swept up into the deepest sea

Impressing you
Peaking your mind
Taking you into the realism of sensuality
Passing through the gateway of sexuality
Tumbling into the ocean of passion beyond the desire-filled misty sea

Designed to be with you
Thinking of the pleasures
Feeling your words slice through…

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