Is that God speaking to me or is that my Anxious Heart speaking?

Being someone who has an inclination to worry and stress over things that are completely out of my control, I am putting forth “effort” to adjust those bad spirits in 2014. And I would like to think that the process has already started when I posted my first “BLOG” here on October 1, 2013. This blog has been an absolute gift from God. It has been a tool for me to share what I am going through on a daily basis, encourage others, and talk about those that are near and dear to me and so much more. This has been an Open Diary to My Soul that has assisted me with sharing my good and bad moments with others, and allowed me share my personal challenges while helping others through their trials and tribulations. Since the first time I posted here, I have consistently said that I am no professional at this but I have learned that ‘some’ growth came from sharing and that alone is better than no growth at all. One of my efforts is to work and improve my lack of patience when it comes to waiting on God to change things in my life. I hope that you do not mind if I share my silent prayer with you and I hope that it will somehow help you in any issue you are experiencing in your life.

Heavenly Father,

Please continue to guide and strengthen me in spiritual walk. Help me to come to you and know that when I lay my burdens before you at the altar you will take them and carry them for me.

Dear God, help me to understand that “Your Time” is not the same as “My Time” and you will move when you see fit to make change in my life for whatever reason. Please know that sometimes my heart gets anxious and I do not allow you to do you will due to my impatience, but God please work with me so that I can be obedient to you and your word. There are times, more often than not that I want things to happen immediately and this is when I should be strong and “waits” because your time is right and just. Give me understanding beyond the moment and help me to hear your voice so I will know when you are speaking to me versus my mind or heart. Thank you dear God and I will place genuine “effort” in to be diligent and patient, so that I can be obedient to you, always your child.

Thank you for sharing my prayer with me and please keep me in your prayers and be safe! With all that I am –


Sonya (aka Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful)