Love and a broken Man

Earlier today I wrote a blog titled “Broken: Woman” and I felt that it was only fair that I follow-up with the partner to that blog. Here I am sharing “MY personal “Opinions” far from facts about men and their “Brokenness in Love”.  Obviously, because I am not a man, I cannot share a man’s true “He-motions” as T.D Jakes  references  them in his book “He-motions” but I will share my personal views which may be very wrong—so let’s give this a whirl —

I read an article by Maura Kelly titled “New Study: Men Get Attached More Easily than Women”, the title alone speaks volumes and is a complete contraction to what I said in my blog “Love and the broken Woman”. Based on the research she provided from survey responses from, it seems that 54% of men say they fell in love at “First Sight” which technically confirms my next “VERY” opinionated statement….  Men generally fall in love with the physical aspect of a woman first. I think that men connect their “He-motions” with visual and physical stimulation. documented that in their survey as highlighted in Maura Kelly’s article; however I will not linger on blah, blah and statistics … you know boring gibberish…. instead I will move forward –

I think when a man’s heart is broken, it can be a break to their pride. And a man’s pride is nothing to be reckoned with. Men are strong, powerful, gentle giants and they have to stand up to the occassion… and when their pride is broken, its breaks them down as with women, however because we as women are emotional it is to be expected that our emotions will outwardly show. But for a man… that breaks the Man-code, if you will. And for that perhaps the misunderstanding is they have the right to break the hearts of innocent bystanders. I think this technique is more common with the men than the women…

As I said in my blog to women, I say to men, I recommend facing the mirror, doing an inventory of your “HE- motions” , check yourself, piece back the brokenness as best as you can and take your “Man Steps”, then re-evaluate who you are and where you want to be with regard to life and love.

Men, please remember that regardless of how a woman acts, treats you, you should bear in mind that it is by no means a reflection of the person that you are. Just roll with the punches and concentrate on being the best “You” that you can be so that you will be fine-tuned and ready to go for “Mrs. God Sent Her” when she does come along.

Brokenness is not a permanent place, it is a state of mind, an emotion, a feeling, if you will that is temporary…. Only temporary…


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  1. quayross says:

    I completely agree with this article. The advice that you gave to men who have had their hearts broken is priceless. How someone acts towards you has no reflection of who you are. Others act on what they feel based on who they are as a person. Great post 🙂

    1. Thank you for your feedback! Happy holidays.

  2. Interesting. I just wrote a post on a related topic today as far as men finding a woman special based on physical characteristics first:

    1. Really? I have to give yours a read… thanks for stopping by and reading….

      1. Thanks, and you’re welcome.

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