An open letter to my circle of friends…


Your friendships are more valuable than a ruler can measure, and more golden than any treasure. And though I do not tell you often, I love and adore you. Many days might pass us by and we do not speak, but that doesn’t mean thoughts of you are too far from me. In my small circle of friends you remain, faithful, loving and unchanged. Always there when I need an ear to hear me out, shoulder to cry on, or hand to hold.

You are my sun rays amidst the rain, my happiness when I experience emotional pain. You motivate and encourage me to move forward, and provide clarity when things are a hazy and a lil’ crazy. Sister-friends you know just who you are because you’ve been in my heart from the start. You are my connections to the everchanging seasons of life, truthfulness, and reality and you keep me grounded and surround me with love. Through the good and bad you are silently or boldly there; and when the storms come and go inside I know, you stand firm and unchanged.

If I don’t tell you tomorrow, I am telling you today, that I love and appreciate you because you’ve been there through each and every day. I love you! My circle of friends, you all are so different, but we are intertwined and connected by beautiful and unique simiarities. God was definitely watching over me when he hand-picked and strategically placed each one of you in certain places in my life. I am ever so blessed to have each of you in my life….


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful (your friend, Sonya)