Forgiving myself… my mistakes do not define me

Its no surprise that I have experienced hardships, heartbreaks, disappointments, trials and tribulations… many of which were experienced as a result of broken trust, miscommunications, misunderstandings or disrespect, after all I am human and that is what life is about. However in the middle of it all, I played a part in the errors. As a result, not only did I carry anger in my heart towards the person that hurt me but also towards myself.

This past year I realized that in order to heal from past hurts, I had to first forgive myself for being open to the events that led up to the incidents. I pointed a finger at myself… criticized … and denied myself emotional freedom from the chains of brokenness. And one of my biggest challenges has always been practing acceptance of my personal mistakes, correcting and moving beyond them. I would waiver between accepting the mistake today, try to convince myself that I was over it and then tomorrow if something remotely close to the mistake presented itself, I would go to war eternally. For many, many years, I didn’t know much of what I do now … like I am human…and that mistakes happen to everyone, even the best of us.

It is from those mistakes that I have grown, continue to grow… stronger, smarter, cautious, and braver… and from these experiences I share … opening myself like a book… giving myself so that others will know, that they have not, do not walk alone. I share your similar pains, and there is a silver lining in the cloud and only you can get to that lining… with faith, love and respect for yourself. And I truly know and believe that my mistakes do not define me…

My self-improvement is a daily journey and it is and forever will be a tool for my growth…. how about you?

To you I say, take a journey ….. learn from your experiences and grow in your faith in God. Sister girl, brother man… you are not alone…. and no matter how many mistakes you make God will forgive you, so why can’t you forgive you?

Keep your eye on me, I claim it… I will be something spectacular … now you claim it in the name of Jesus.


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful