Angry, no— just annoyed…

Because I am not smiling when you see me, you ask “Are you another Angry Black Woman”? How ironic that you should make that assumption because I don’t return the stare or flirtatious words of exchange. Perhaps, I am having an excellent day but just not amused by the lame game you are spitting.

Why is that when I walk into a room deep in thought, minus a smile, the immediate assumption is “There goes another angry black woman”?

To you that assume and stereotype me, I say I am not angry just annoyed by your lack of understanding me. There is a old, old saying that goes “Don’t judge a book by the cover” and I am saying judge me by my spirit and soul.

You see my skin tone, and perhaps my beauty and think “She’s a snob or thinks she’s all that” and to you I say, Oh yea I am all that because God says I am. If I don’t think highly of me, who will? I am not angry, just a little annoyed by your ignorance and assumptions that all black women are “angry or carry a chip on their shoulder”. Open the book and read what’s inside and then you can decide whether the book was a good read or not….

I am not an angry black woman…..


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful