The art of being …

In the heart of my universe is “ME”.

The “ME” that I was decades ago,

The “ME that I was last year,

The “ME that I am today and,

The “ME” that I will be next year and years to come; 

There are so many pieces to my puzzle and I often wonder how many more pieces are there to me that I have yet to discover.

It took me so many years to see that there is an art to being me, because no one else can do it better than I can.  There is a light that shines within me and flows through out. It is my internal spirit and it radiates amid the atmosphere. I dance to the sound of my own music.

The art of being …Sonya…. Is intertwined and interlocked deep within the fibers of my being. This art was created at conception and was birthed on October 14, 1975. The art of being, flows through my veins and pumps in my heart.

I am spiritual, I am distinctive and there is no other like me. God designed me exceptionally and perfectly imperfect.

My name describes me as “Wise”.  Characteristically I am defined as quiet, considerate, sympathetic, balanced and occasionally shy. I am considered trust-worthy, respectful of others, a mediator and partner that prefers details and order and occasionally insecure. The art of being me is magical, mystical and creative. 

I might throw on a hair wrap and dance the booga-loo, wear a short sassy wig, or a long Beyonce fall and dance to a jazzy jam with my baby girl while throwing my neck back and forth. Or I might throw on a b-ball cap, jeans and sporty kicks because that is me, artistically. That is just a small part of God’s work titled “Sonya”.

Some days, I will be all serious and ready to get down to business. Other days I might have the giggles and want to act silly because that is who I am… Not bi-polar… (laughs) but instead diverse, I am simply …. “ME”.

I love to laugh, I love to make others smile, I love to get deep inside of “Sonya” and create things like poetry, stories, pictures and anything that is artistic.

There is an art to being… “ME”.

I have not yet mastered it,

nevertheless, I know that I am a piece of art,

All a part of God’s master plan.

The art of being …

Starts from within…


 Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful