Acts Of Faith: Relationships


Today I read a page from a book my mother gave me about 10 years ago called “Acts of Faith” and its funny because I opened the book and after fingering through a few chapters I landed on August 27th. It talked about knowing the ending of a relationship by looking at the beginning.

I have never conscientiously took the time to think about,relationship starts rocky then it can only decline. And that makes sense. If you bring dishonesty, deceit, and drama to the start line it will more than likely be at the finish line.

Recently I was considering dating someone that had some shady ways, I was fearful and concerned about the things I did not know and often found myself worried, well needless to say I broke away from that situation, because it started with secrets, anger, arguments and disrespect. As stressful as my life is now with school, work and being a full time mommy I need a peaceful place and he was unable to provide that.

I realize that I don’t have to take whatever or whoever just to say I am not alone and perhaps healing time needs to be added back in to my life before I try dating someone.  Going in and out of the same kind of relationships bring on hurts and I am tired of it. I am determined to learn my lesson and move beyond the old to the new at some point. When a relationship is over, it must be cut loose.

I am moving forward and seeking better quality to satisfy my emotional needs.

Have you fulfilled your emotional needs?

Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful