I  am working on changing who I am for the better and while
I Know it takes work, I have decided I am ready to take on this challenge and move forward.  While checking myself on things I need to work on and improve in my life, I made a To-Do-List.  And I have chosen to share it with you while including words of encouragement for both you and myself.


Often I sit and ponder where it is that I want to be, you know the end result and my purpose of my existence. And it was not until recent that things began to come in to a clearer view and what it is that I want and need for my child and myself stood out clear as the sun light on an early summer morning. As a child, adolescent, young lady and mature woman, I have always had an intense passion for creativity and all that it encompasses. I have been a writer of poetry since the young age of 11; however as life began to consume me and I grew in to adulthood, my passions were then overshadowed by responsibilities. Unknowing of how to balance my business and fun, I lost focus and stopped having fun. It wasn’t until 2010 that may passion to write resurface and I self-published a book of poems titled “Heaven Rain on me so that I can be the black woman God destined me to be”. It was combination of narratives, life experiences (good and bad) and the journey from conception to birth of my daughter. After I learned the importance of time, free time and personal time and found that I was very deficient of it.  

One day, I sat and decided that I needed to make a change in my life; focus on my passion and make time to nurture and allow it to grow. So, I started writing my second book of poetry which has expanded to a third book. In the near future, you will understand why this occurred; just follow me and my BLOG.

Speaking of my BLOG, I have never really been a techy kind of person, but a co-worker explained the concept to me and I decided to give it a try. In doing so, I have learned that it is a hidden passion of mine and I absolutely love it.  It comforts me to know that my words encourage others and that there are others who have experiencing similar feelings, circumstances, high and low points as mine. It is amazing that I have the ability to touch someone’s life simply by sharing mine.

With all this said, I have “ANTICIPATE” what is to come. Open and share the many gifts that God has implanted in me. And I anticipate building online friendships, networking, exploring, learning and teaching while I grow my BLOG and publish my books.


At the end of each day, I try to make sure that I thank God for his many blessings. And while I have missed a day here and there, I thank God for his many blessings as often as I can and for the good and bad that I endure as I know when it is all said and done, everything happens for a reason. I express my appreciation and gratitude to those that do well by and for me. For those hard workers that go above and beyond to extend great customer service, I make sure they know how happy I am with what they do and respect their job, because people need to hear that they are appreciated and receive recognition.


As humans, we are not perfect and while it is not likely we will never be, we should always strive to better.  Taking the time to evaluate our weaknesses and brainstorm over how we can improve those weaknesses and strengthen them.  I have learn through personal experience that evaluating yourself and checking yourself is almost as hard as someone else telling you where you need improvement; however the benefit to you seeing your areas of weaknesses is that you have self-awareness. I would hate to be the kind of person that doesn’t know that they are lacking in some form of fashion. So, I say “Evaluate” and create a plan to improve where you fall weak.


Communication is one of the easiest things to do in my opinion; however communicating effectively is where things get a little challenging. Because the world is made up of so many different kinds of people that possess different personalities, communication is often misunderstood. As a result, we as humans are offended, hurt, confused, upset and disappointed by how we receive communication from others. In working for a nonprofit organization, I have learned that things are misunderstood simply by one word missed or added here or there.

Communication is an on-going action that requires change often. We must  be aware of what we are communicating and who we are communicating with. Because we are so different, it is important that we are aware of presentation and adjust it to those we are communicating with. This is something that is a little trying for me because I am a feeler, and I want to ensure that I am not hurting others while ensuring that they are clear on my communications. “Communicate” with others and in doing so take their feelings in to consideration.


Only you can make a change in “Your life”. If you want to grow, change, and move forward to your passion and dream, you must elevate yourself to the next level. Determine what “You” must do in order to move to that level of happiness.  “Elevate” and reach for that dream, that passion, that personal and personal destiny in life. You can do it, elevate! Grab it and do not let go.