I Am Woman: Beautifully Designed is “She”

Beautifully designed, she develops from innocence as a child to confidence as an adolescent to independence as a woman. As women, God gifts us with many blessings like: charm, style, grace, and the ability to be fruitful and multiply.

On my 38th birthday, I am sitting in a quiet area of the room, listening to some soothing music and sharing my thoughts with you.

I find myself in a sentimental mode and thinking… thinking… about… all the good and bad I have endured. You know? God got down when he made Wo-man. He made us uniquely beautiful, similar to some but completely different from all, vast variety in shapes and sizes, personalities that blow em’ out of the water and some that shut it down, loving and nurturing by creation. It is “She” that can bring a man to his knees, it is “She” that brings simplisticity to complexity and she that takes on multiplicity. Birthing angels that we develop from child to adulthood. We produce food, provide warmth and shelter for our offsprings and that is no less than amazing. By God’s grace, she is gifted, she is King in Queen attire…

She is beautifully designed, artwork in motion, it is she that is life and love entwined.


Ms. Darkskinisbeautiful



  1. I am so happy I fell upon your blog. I am going to share this writing with my daughter. May she never forget who she is and continue to strive. This writing is a great encouragement. Thank you

    1. You are so welcome! It warms my heart when my words encourage or inspire… thank you for your feedback!

  2. brenda says:

    That is beautiful girl

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