Walk In Your Purpose – from Surviving to Thriving


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Like most, we all have our personal journeys that we must walk in order to “CROSS” paths with our Purpose and Passion.  Sonya McKinzie self-defined herself as a ThriveHer which is displayed in my personal trademark throughout her Blog ” Walk In Your Purpose  ” and now “The ThriveHer”.  As a ThriveHer she has battled and won the fight of transitioning in going from Surviving the Thriving.

If you are a follower of her Blog, you probably have noticed that much of what she shares is centered around domestic violence awareness, single-parenting (mommying), surviving and thriving, spirituality, relationships, parenting, single mothers, and empowering, elevating, and encouraging women. You might also notice that she has been resilient and tenacious with moving avoiding being labeled  “A Statistic”. Because she is a child of God first and foremost, she has found her peace in her faith and family.

The ThriveHer was created to spotlight authors in exchange for their charitable donation of a copy of their books.  McKinzie will then donate their books to women shelters in and around the Atlanta, Ga area. One of the Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation‘s efforts is to make difference in the lives of victims/survivors of abuse, underprivileged women, families, and youth.