If you are a follower of my Blog, you probably have noticed that much of what I share here is centered around spirituality, relationships, parenting, single mothers, and African-American women; however, know that this is  not because I am partial to these things but because I can speak from experience in this regard.  I am a spiritual woman, experienced in good and bad relationships, a single mother and new to parenting, and an African-American woman. I have experience both emotional and physical abuse and even through my hardships, I am not a product of my past experiences. I am resilient and ambitious; I am much more than where I have been and more so of where I strive to be. There are many times that I feel like giving up, ducking and dodging the constant struggles that are thrown in my direction and with each trial and tribulation I am faced with, I triumph over tribulation and use them as stepping-stones for bigger and better undertakings. It has taken decades for me to discover my passion, overall purpose for being here on the earth; this is an accomplishment that some never achieve. God has given me with opportunities and challenges that have strengthened and educated me. While there have been many successes they also co-existed with struggles.
Through life, I met many seasons. The seasons of friendships, relationships, love, happiness, brokenness, sadness, and madness. Through it all, I stand strong, stern and in placed prepared and ready to face all that God has for me and my life in the current and future. I remember 4 years ago when I learned I was to a mother. A single mother, someone told me “You are going to be a statistic”.  And as I knew then when they said it, I know it more deeply now, that their words were lies. I am not a statistic, I am a walking testimony that through adversities, I have overcome them all and through it, I became impeccably invincible. Unshaken by those who mean me no good, and unbroken by those who speak against my Goodwill, I am invincible. Because I am a child of God and as long as I believe in him, I am confident and secure in my thinking that I will stay in his favor. In his favor, I cannot go wrong.
Sonya A. McKinzie a/k/a DarkSkinIsBeautiful



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