DAILY JOURNEYS – Surviving to Thriving

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Like most, we all have our personal journeys that we must walk in order to find our purpose and passion. I am Sonya McKinzie and I would best define myself as a ThriveHer which is displayed in my personal trademark above. As a ThriveHer I have battled and won the fight of transitioning in going from Surviving the Thriving. 

If you are a follower of my Blog, you probably have noticed that much of what I share here is centered around domestic violence awareness, surviving and thriving, spirituality, relationships, parenting, single mothers, and empowering, elevating, and encouraging women. You should know that this not because I am partial to these things but because I can speak from experience in this regard.  I am a spiritual woman, experienced in good and bad, a mommy, and an advocate for Domestic Violence Victims. 

Time has made me resilient and ambitious. Because I am a child of God and forever a believer, I am confident and secure in my thinking that I will stay in His favor. In his favor, I cannot go wrong – enjoy your journey! 


Sonya A. McKinzie a/k/a DarkSkinIsBeautiful